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My name is Donna Masterson.

I am a Certified Health and Life Coach for Adults and a Wisdom Coach for Children.

But I haven't always been a coach...

I was a professional clown for 20 years entertaining children and adults as Blinkee the Clown. I absolutely loved seeing how making people smile made them feel happy and for just a short amount of time, they forgot all of their worries. It was then, that I decided to get trained so I could help children and adults be empowered and happy from the inside. That's my passion.

I am also a Certified Life Coach for Children; a Wisdom Coach.

I will be empowering children using the Adventures in Wisdom program helping children with skills such as, building self-esteem, developing self-confidence, building resilience, dealing with peer pressure, bullying, and achieving their dreams. 

I will be coaching in schools, libraries, churches, one-on-one and pretty much anywhere where these empowerment skills will benefit children.

Check out my Adventures in Wisdom page for more information!

I am so excited to be able to combine my history with clowning together with my education in coaching to not only make children and adults happy from the outside, but much much more important, from the inside so they can carry these skills throughout their lives. 

978 558-9812

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